Enlightening solutions to let you live in wellness.

Lighting is often regulated by inefficient management systems, which entail exaggerated consumption of electricity, high maintenance costs for system failures and reduced healthy environments.

When light rhymes with benefit.

A well-designed and implemented lighting project can contribute enormously to people’s well-being, at the same time guaranteeing significant economic savings.


Cutting-edge solutions in line with the most modern innovations, designed and implemented in total respect of human and environmental well-being, in both residential and industrial sectors.


A complete service of Advice, Design, Installation, Maintenance and Assistance concerning the management of electrical systems, industrial automation and energy efficiency with LED lighting.


We fulfill our customers’ demands with the right energy.

The LED lighting service offered by Serc includes the installation of high-efficiency LED lighting plants with a low operating cost.

The replacement of old lighting plants with new LED ones does not require special modifications to the existing system, thus it is fast and the savings become effective in a very short time.

This is why we take care of the design of customized lighting systems, creating innovative solutions created thanks to the best available technologies.