A Company made of people

For more than 30 years, SERC has been working with electrical installations in residential, commercial, industrial and office areas.

From small to large space, we designed ad hoc electrical systems for any context, using highly certified materials and professional collaborators.

Thanks to its experience and flexibility in the most diverse sectors, today SERC can realize:

  • Industrial electrical systems, lighting and energy distribution;
  • Electrical systems for civil, residential, commercial and office use;
  • Electric panels for industrial plants, lighting and energy distribution;
  • Electric panels for civil, residential and commercial installations;
  • Automation panels, on-board systems and computerized electrical systems for the control of:
    • automatic lines for pasta and bakery products;
    • automatic lines for packaging palletizing;
    • automatic lines for fruit processing;
    • milling plants;
    • plants for storage, transportation, processing and treatment of corn;
    • bottling, transport and palletizing plants;
    • complete plants of transformation cabins (MV)
  • design and production of complete video surveillance, anti-intrusion and fire detection systems;
  • design and production of software for automatic machines on any type of PLC;
  • design and production of plant management supervisors;
  • study and realization of projects, specifications, works management, as built final (even on systems not made by us);
  • Technical and Operational Assistance H 24

The expertise and reliability gained over time led us to face challenges on national and foreign markets, with the installation of various plants on international markets such as Latin America, Canada, the Middle East or North Africa.

Since the beginning of our company, we totally committed to Quality, which today represents a duty for any operator. We have been developing a wide range of technical knowledge that made us able to create turnkey plants, in compliance with customer’s all demands and with current regulations.




Mission and Valors

SERC’s mission is to offer a high-level organization that allows meeting deadlines and saving expenses.

The daily search for the most advantageous solution for customer is the result of the synergy between:

  • knowledge of technology and market solutions;
  • expertise gained by our team of specialized engineers and technicians;
  • flexibility, because every solution comes from the uniqueness of the relationship with the customer.

For every project, SERC works as a technical office at customer’s service to obtain solutions with definite times and costs.

We offer the customer a global service that includes:

  • search for suppliers and control of their quality;
  • coordination and management, also for subsidiary works, plant construction;
  • safety regulations and training of employees.

Electrical Panels and Industrial Automation

The automation of new or existing lines starts with the study and design of customer’s and plant’s needs, then creation of software, electrical panels, wiring and factory testing.

We offer our customers:

  • Automation for transport management
  • Line supervision system
  • PC monitoring of machines’ operating conditions
  • Real-time determination of plant’s efficiency and yield
  • Graphic representation of the whole line by means of animated synoptic